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Making Paper Patterns for Dyeing

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Making Paper Patterns for Dyeing

Feel the sophisticated beauty of our hand-cut paper patterns for dyeing. For the attention of vendors, and retailers planning to order patterns separately:

Kataya Kaneko (Pattern-maker Kaneko)makes hand-cut paper patterns for dyeing kimono komon (small patterns), customized yukata (cotton kimono), tenugui (cotton wash cloths) and others for dye shops and dye artists on a contract basis.

For silk-screen dye printing, patterns are transferred sharply using photo frames, while data-based designs may use computer-cut patterns. Each of these methods has its own features such as clear-cut images or nicely dyed gradations. The results of dye expressions depend on the quality of paper patterns.

Japanese katazome, or stencil dyeing, boasts of its precise and exquisite patterns and expressions that cannot be found anywhere in the world but Japan. It is closely associated with the characteristics and designs of products and the dying methods used, and it is paper patterns that determine the feels of the dyed products.

To express the very colors and patterns originally intended, accurate and easy-to-dye paper patterns are indispensable. Kataya Kaneko has 12 years of experience in stencil dying for kimono and is constantly studying and learning pattern cutting and dyeing. Taking the kinds of dyes and dying methods used for your products into consideration, we can offer pattern making to meet your requirements.

Choosing the best pattern cutting ways and pattern materials for your products on a case-by-case basis, we create the very best paper patterns that can satisfy you, in pursuit of the making of paper patterns that will produce “highly sellable” products.

To customers who want to make paper patterns for dyeing but have no expertise, we can provide complete final patterns. In the case of digital data, we modify the patterns to make them suitable for pattern cutting. Even if they are manually drawn, after necessary modifications to them, we can finish complete patterns good for dyeing. We are happy to assist, among others:

  • retailers who would like to sell their original products,
  • group members for festivals and the like who are trying to order kimono from vendors, and
  • those who are thinking about ordering small-lot products with a specific name printed on them.

For paper patterns for dyeing, please take advantage of Kataya Kaneko’s pattern production service.

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