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What is “Rumi Rock Store”?

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What is “Rumi Rock Store”?

Those with an adult taste who are fashionable and particular about kimono and also stick to their own styles, and those who want not mass-produced kimono which somebody else may be wearing too, but very unique kimono that can help them express themselves – Rumi Rock Store is perfect for these people. Working jointly with craftspeople and artists in the production areas for specific materials, we propose and produce kimono items with a modern feel, while keeping the very basics of kimono.

Furthermore, we hope to introduce easy-to-wear products for novice kimono users so that an increasing number of people may enjoy wearing kimono. We also offer many products especially for a growing number of fashion-conscious kimono-clad men in recent years. We hope to help more men become as fashionable as their female counterparts.

Our current most recommended product line is “Rumi Rock” designed by Rumi Shibasaki. Her designs feature the cool adult rock’n’roll approach with a cute and playful touch. Her spirit overlaps that of the craftspeople of the Edo era. The line offers a lot of kimono products any one – male or female, young or old – can wear to make him or her look cool and chic.

We hold events and workshops, such as rakugo Japanese comic story-telling shows and pattern dyeing and kimono fitting workshops, at galleries and department stores on an irregular basis to promote the pleasure of being creative and wearing kimono. Event details will be posted on Instagram and Twitter. If you are interested, please come visit us at those events.

Lastly, please let me introduce myself, Kaneko the Store Manager of Rumi Rock Store. I worked for an Edo komon kimono dyeing factory for 12 years. There I was producing kimono as traditional handicrafts and not the kind of kimono people can wear on a daily basis. In the hope that I would like to create kimono that can be worn more casually by many people, I started kimonoswitch.(which was later relaunched as Rumi Rock Store in April 2014). Although I may not yet have gained sufficient experience and expertise, I am very enthusiastic about striving to promote kimono so more people can enjoy wearing it in a fashionable way. So I would appreciate it if you could visit our website as often as you can.

Kazuaki Kaneko Store Manager, Rumi Rock Store

Rumi Rock Store
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