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Original Tenugui Cloths (cotton wash cloths)

Making Paper Patterns for Dyeing Image

Original Tenugui Cloths (cotton wash cloths)

eautifully designed tenugui can be distributed as giveaways for a promotional purpose to boost the image of your store or restaurant or can be distributed to participants at a commemorative event. Thus tenugui, which is closely connected to our daily lives in Japan, can be very effective as a giveaway or gift item for promotions and as a token of gratitude.

If you like tenugui but think it must be difficult to have your own unique tenugui, then please contact us at Rumi Rock Store.

In general, there are many ways to use tenugui, including the following:

  • for festivals and other events
  • for novelty items and gifts for businesses
  • for your own artistic masterpieces

Our Rumi Rock Store original tenugui products are:

  • recommended to be dyed not by printing but by using a traditional dyeing method called Chusen (pouring dyes into patterns), and
  • delivered to customers together with the paper patterns used for dyeing the products.

These paper patterns can be kept carefully until the next time to use them to make additional tenugui cloths or may look nice when framed and hanged on the wall.

Once your ideas become concrete, we ask you the following questions:

  • When do you need your tenugui products? (your requested delivery date)
  • What is your total budget? What is the quantity?
  • What kind of tenugui do you need? For what purpose?

Quantity and Production Cost

Normally, the minimum quantity for an order is 100.
However, we also accept an order for 60 though the unit price is a little higher.
In many cases, tenugui cloths are delivered with each one in a promotional bag or a formal gift envelope.

Each tenugui costs about 600 to 900 yen, but the price depends on the pattern design and the production lot.
We normally charge you for pattern making separately, but it depends on the design, so please do not hesitate to ask us.


Depending on the design, we use different dyeing methods.
We try to come up with effective and neat-looking designs so that designing cost can stay within budget.

Of course, you can draw your own designs.
In such a case, no designing cost is charged.
We will advise you to create a design so it may be easier to dye.

We finalize the design through discussions and drawings followed by exchanging rough sketches and images by fax or email.
Once the design is finalized, we construct and adjust the design so that it may be easy to dye. At Rumi Rock Store, the shop manager, Kaneko, hand-cuts paper patterns.

As for colors, they are designated by using color chips, and then dyeing is conducted in our dyeing shop.
Please understand that. as dyeing is done by hand, colors may be slurred to some extent.


Please be informed that it takes 2 weeks after the design is finalized to make paper patterns and that, after that, another 3 weeks is required for dyeing.
Sometimes our shop may be too busy, but it seems that usually a total of 6 weeks will do. If you know when you will need the final products, please let us know in advance.


All tenugui cloths are delivered as cut into pieces.
Because it is tenugui, as usual, the edges are cut as is and not sewn up.
Your instructions for preferred folding and packaging methods, i.e. an envelope type, or with or without gift wrapping, and so forth, would be appreciated. We are happy to design packaging and write cover addresses.

Payment Method

We send our quotation to you when a rough design is ready.
As soon as your payment has been made and confirmed, we will finish designing, work on paper patterns and then start the production process including dyeing.

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